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A Regret.

By: Jen Shoop

This might sound ridiculous, but one of my biggest regrets in life is not toasting my brother at his wedding. I was in my early 20s and terrified of public speaking at the time, but even then, I knew I was unattractively shying away from something important in the name of self-preservation. At the last minute, my four sisters and I banded together and clomped up to the front of the room to huddle around the microphone and offer up platitudes. I wept and mumbled, “I love you,” which — to be fair — would have been the principle message in an even more rehearsed and articulate pass at speechmaking. But still. There are so many things to say about my brother, there is so much to love and admire, that I cannot believe I declined the opportunity to share even one anecdote or thread of thought.

I suppose I mistakenly believed at that age I would have many other occasions to praise him, many other nights with knives delicately clinking the edge of champagne flutes and twinkling lights overhead and the polite scraping of chair feet on the ground to mark the start of toast-making. I was guilty of envisioning life as a sequence of Nancy Meyers parties. But the number of reasonable opportunities to tell someone how much they mean to you, how they have defined and shaped your life in meaningful ways, stretch threadbare across decades. Occasions to do so in public run even scarcer. (And in this particular case, my brother and I have lived across the country from one another for many years and are now separated by an entire ocean, and so the logistics mount an increasing barrier.)

A visit from one of my brother’s childhood friends last week drudged up these woes. We were sitting on the back porch of my new home in Bethesda, catching up on life and talking books but mainly swapping stories about my brother. This particular friend has known me since I was nine years old, in pigtails and school kilts. I still remember meeting him for the first time in the breakfast room of my childhood home, which had those old-fashioned white and black checkerboard floors, and I think for that reason, I imagine the entire exchange in black and white, too, as if a scene in a movie that doesn’t belong to me. I was sitting at the table eating Ritz crackers and cheddar cheese after school and in he walked, on the heels of my brother. He was “Black Irish”: fair-skinned, dark hair, and exceptionally tall. My sisters and I immediately took to calling him “the Jolly Green Giant,” and he immediately took to looking out for us — in the years following that meeting, in the hallways of our parochial school, and later, during my brother’s epic house parties over the course of his high school years, when he and some of my brother’s other close friends would cluster in the kitchen to keep an eye on us, and even later, in crowded bars, where he would occasionally give would-be suitors “the business” as he would tower a good four to six inches above most of the guys we would date. It is true, I think, that “you are the company you keep.” My brother’s own goodness shines through all of the kindnesses his friends have extended me.

We revisited all of this, my brother’s friend and I, sitting outside my home last week, and at some point, he said: “You know, I saw your brother this summer for the first time in a long time, and I had to take the opportunity to let him know how much he’s meant to me.”

So maybe it doesn’t need to be the dais. Maybe it doesn’t need to be in tears or dramatic gestures. Maybe it can just be sitting down over a glass of wine on a Tuesday, or via an unprompted email, or in the simplest turn of phrase.

I am old enough to know that life is short. I have lost friends and loved ones. I have missed countless opportunities to tell the people I love and respect most how impossibly good they are, how improbably lucky I am to walk through life with them.

So let this note be a reminder, if you need it,

To tell him you love him.


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3 thoughts on “A Regret.

  1. Catching up on a few posts today – this one is especially timely, as I have a Zoom scheduled tonight with my best friend/co-MOH as we prep for our speech next week at our other bff’s wedding (the third part of our 25 year strong little trio)!

    The way you write about your reflections on your brother, your relationship as siblings, and the nuances of how those have impacted you are exactly what I hope to capture and toast to next week. Perfectly timed!

  2. So many takeaways from this, but mostly…
    you say you knew, even then, you were unattractively shying away… So that’s really a present tense emotion? All this to say, friend… please give yourself some Grace. A lot of it, while you’re at it.

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