A Million Miracles.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image via Hope and Wander.

Eric Jerome Dickey wrote: “Every day, a million miracles begin at sunrise.”

This is the energy I want to bring to my every morning. I aspire to start my day in prayer; some days it happens, other days it doesn’t. Sometimes, despite the best intentions, my emotional focus rolls away from me like yarn. When I am too scattered to put myself in the right frame of mind for prayer, I think I will repeat these words to myself — a prayer in their own way, anyhow. In them are hope and wonderment. In them are a firm planting in the rhythms of the natural world: the sun still rises and the branches still bend and tomorrow there will be more crocuses opening their slender petals to the sun in the embankment of dirt along our driveway.

Rallying around the miracles today.


+What energy are you sending out today?

+Dickey’s words also bring fresh color to the Oliver poem I wrote about earlier this week.

+Onward, still —

+Things must end to begin again.

+Poems on spring.

+Are you an optimist?

Shopping Break.

+I ordered these pink Vejas for myself.

+Ulla Johnson vibes in the prettiest shade of lilac for under $70.

+Adore the periwinkle blue color on this dress. I own this dress in a different pattern and it is SO dramatic and flattering on. I find this dress runs small — the smocking is very tight/not as stretchy as, say, a nap dress.

+Adorable everyday dress. Wear with Carrie Forbes sandals (on sale for $100), or these fun raffia ones (also under $100).

+This white scalloped linen skirt and matching tank — wowza. I am so all about the skirts this season and this set just jumped to the top of my list.

+A beautiful embossed condolence card.

+Dermstore is offering 20% off a ton of great products, including the best facial sunscreen on earth (full review here) and my beloved glowscreen, which I wear daily.

+Just a reminder that these are the best pens on earth. I am obsessed. Love the colors, the ultra fine tip, the gel ink, and the feel of the pens themselves.

+Have you seen Banana’s new children’s collection? I am swooning over this precious set. The pattern is so good!

+Boden is killing it at the moment with its new dresses. I love this, this, and this.

+Some great spring knits!

+These sticker books (this bunny one is also cute) are fantastic for children — the quality is incredible! — but they take awhile to ship. Order now for Easter baskets!

+Adorable gingham swimsuit from Old Navy.

+Pink soccer cleats for your little lady!

+This sweatshirt can be personalized with embroidered hearts with each of your children’s names in it! Such a cute Mother’s Day gift.

+These trousers are in my cart in the olive green.

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6 thoughts on “A Million Miracles.

  1. Looking for the dp hue leave in therapy on sale. Doesn’t look like Dermstore is including it. Please let me know if you find it on sale sometime. Thank you

  2. I was actually so impressed how “sturdy” the smocking on the La Ligne dresses is, seems like it would definitely hold you in!

  3. It’s funny, I’ve seen crocuses mentioned in a number of posts in my internet routine this week. I guess it’s just that specific time of spring–a sort of universal/shared reference? It’s a reference I love at the moment, because Runaway Bunny is one of our favorite books, and there’s a scene with crocuses in the garden. My daughter so loves the bunny (“hop hop”) and I so relate to the mother and her steadfast devotion. (Also, “have a carrot” is an iconic conclusion.)

    Per usual, clicked open about half of these links. But a quick FYI that the Boden links never work for me! 404 every time :/

    1. Hi Susie – I have a particular affinity for that book, too. That and “Goodnight, Moon” – two books I clearly remember my mother reading to me that have a delightfully soporific effect. I love the illustrations! Mini and micro have both loved finding the bunnies hidden on all the “Runaway bunny” pages.

      Funny about the crocuses, too! They are all over the place in our new neighborhood and have really sparked joy this year.

      I’m so sorry about Boden! That happens to me, too — let me look into a solution.


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