A Metronomic Approach to Grace.

By: Jen Shoop

I recently came across a sappy list of “daily habits to practice for a better life” while infinity scrolling on Instagram. Many of them were canned, re-heated aphorisms but one went like this:

“Try to go an entire day without criticizing someone else.”

Magpies —

This challenge has proven difficult for me, an admission that is a strident comeuppance, as I have positioned “grace” (for myself, for others) as a daily intention for years now — and this practice proved a rough rubric to stomach. I was shocked by the fluidity of the petty criticisms: “C’mon, lady, pick a lane!” while driving, and “What on earth is he doing? Paying in pennies?” while waiting in line behind a protracted transaction at the till. They tumbled through my mind and occasionally off my tongue with untrammeled ease. And I was disappointed by the way I’d find myself censuring even ridiculous, unimportant things, like someone else’s chosen logistics for the weekend. What on earth? What an absurd waste of energy.

Of course, none of us are saints, and I think it is human to observe the behavior of others and contemplate the delta between what they’ve chosen to do and what we might have. Sometimes those differences are illuminating. Sometimes they help us double down on our own values, our own ways of being, and other times, they open new and generative pathways. (For example, I learned a lot about myself reflecting on the berth between myself and my former colleague, Nate.)

But honestly? A lot of the criticisms I clocked generated nothing. A fistful of zilch.

I’m grateful for the prompt because — though I can’t say the criticisms don’t form, unbidden, in my mind — I find myself aggressively swatting them away once they materialize. It is a new, metronomic approach to finding more grace in my life — something with more tacticality than, say, repeating the word “grace” to myself in the morning.

If you’re feeling up to it today, try it on for size and see what happens — do you find yourself more critical at certain times of day? In certain contexts? Are there small ones we can learn to “swat away” reflexively?


+Gardening for yourself.


+A humble beginning to an old habit.

Shopping Break.

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2 thoughts on “A Metronomic Approach to Grace.

  1. Yikes, that prompt is convicting all right! Especially with little ears taking in all that we say. I heard my two year old repeat “that’s not a parking spot, people!” from the back seat yesterday, eek. (People tend to park in the fire lane at a shopping center we frequent). I think I will try…but not today or tomorrow as we will be at the hospital for appointments/tests/scan for my older daughter. Just have to get through these days without any extra pressure on myself! Especially since the hospital parking structure is a prime spot for handing out criticism! 😉

    1. SO glad (impressed? proud?) you have that awareness, e.g., that today is NOT the day to add another filter to your life. Another day, another challenge! Sending you good vibes!!

      I also had a similar experience with my daughter recently — we were waiting for someone to get out of a parking spot and she was taking forever, and my daughter chimed in: “What is she DOING over there?!” with a faux impatience that reminded me of myself. Yikes!!!


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