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18 Fab Recent Finds.

By: Jen Shoop

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01. Someone please buy this Cara Cara dress, marked down from $895 to $268. It is the most perfect wedding guest dress I’ve ever seen. Spectacular! Saks has so many outrageous closeout buys right now — love this Zimmermann-esque top for fall ($90!) and this spectacular silk dress in either color (marked down from almost $500 to $148).

02. Last call for 23-24 planners from Appointed! They’re currently on sale, and they run August-August, so are still relevant if you buy now. As you know, this is my favorite paper product brand. I use their notebooks, task pads, and now their planner, too. I think my code MAGPIEBYJENSHOOP still gives you 10% off everything in the store.

03. Several of you recommended these running headphones, which somehow use a technology that enables you to hear the music/podcast without totally blocking out sounds around you. This appeals so I am aware when cars and especially bikes (!) are approaching.

04. This home office set from Julia Berolzheimer’s new collection with Pottery Barn is nothing short of beautiful. Such an elegant way to upgrade the home study!

05. I’m a stationery fiend. I love this scalloped set from Papier.

06. A really fun fashion sneaker to pair with trendy denim this fall.

07. I can’t wait for this engraved heart necklace to arrive. I had it personalized with “E + H” for my children’s names.

08. This oversized shirting striped button-front dress from Doen is the apotheosis of my easy-motherhood fashion aspirations. Great for nursing mamas, expecting mamas, and mamas of any age — throw on and go.

09. Conversation cards like these are such a huge hit with my six-year-old daughter. She could read through them forever! On a recent road trip, we spent about an hour straight talking through these prompts. I love the way they invite conversation, curiosity, polite disagreement, thoughtful introspection.

10. This Alix of Bohemia dress is spendy but spectacular. I saw it and imagined myself a romantic getaway.

11. Think I’ve talked myself into these embellished mesh flats. Can’t stop thinking about them! More statement trendy shoes here.

12. My favorite pens ever. Trust me, you need them. Perfect hand-feel, great flow, ultra-fine point, inexpensive…!

13. Eyeing this portable handheld vac for our car.

14. Love the pattern of this Mille dress for early fall. Pair with leather sandals!

15. Foster Dade Explores the Cosmos. Next in my TBR pile — a fervent Magpie book rec!

16. These are just waiting in my cart for my next (practical) Sephora order. I know I don’t need a new highlighter, but so many Magpies upvoted this, and so I’m juuuust waiting until I need a restock on something I really need.

17. I love the design of this balance bike for tiny tots! The price ($31!) is appealing, as some kids — like my son — simply never get the hang of the balance bike, while others take to it quickly. This way, you won’t groan if your child favors my son’s no-thank-you tack.

18. These Lululemon swiftly tech shirts are on sale in select colors in a decent run of sizes. You can currently buy for under $50!

P.S. Chic coffee table books.

P.P.S. Our favorite coffee/tea gear.

P.P.P.S. On feeling my own selfhood.

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