When Did You Hang the Moon?

By: Jen Shoop

When did you hang the moon?

Was it the day we met, swatting mosquitoes in the crepuscular weight of August in the Midatlantic, the fixed stars hidden in the swollen heat?

Or that time we crossed paths that night at Scott Stadium, the world a dim blur as I floated silently out into galaxies beyond?

I was too busy noticing you, and the way you rolled your oxfords up your forearms, and smiled at me as if in appreciation, and widened your stance when we’d talk, planting yourself for proper conversation, to see that you were also lighting up the universe —

Or maybe they’re the same thing: the details of you as luminous and giving as the stellar sum.

I know only this —

There was that night at the bonfire in the Appalachians, shivering in the October chill, and the Milky Way glittered so close I felt I could reach out and touch its stars. And yet next to you, they appeared the unremarkable beige of a waiting room, and, like everything else, dissolved into white noise and atmospheric clutter. Funny, how love can do that: put everything else on mute. “We were together — I forget the rest.” Etcetera.

That night, you were doing nothing at all. Just standing next to me, taking my hand, loaning me your sweatshirt, making smalltalk with my girlfriends. And I saw that you must have tacked up the moon some time in the months prior, as unassumingly as you now replace the lightbulbs and switch the air filters. Oh, no big deal, you’d have said. Just changing the constellations.


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Shopping Break.

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+Speaking of knitwear, has anyone tried the styles from Quince? This looks like a dead ringer for La Ligne but the price is so low…!

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4 thoughts on “When Did You Hang the Moon?

  1. I’ve tried both Quince and Oak Essentials. Quince is great quality, though shipping is a bit slow. Oak Essentials is lovely, as you’d expect from Jenni Kayne. Hope this helps. Love this post, as always!

  2. I have loved quince products for years! The quality is amazing and the price can’t be beat. Their cashmere sweaters are terrific (cotton as well), their leather goods come straight from the factory in Italy, the towels are divine and their anthro Somerset dress dupes are better than the anthro ones (sleeves not as full). Can’t recommend enough. And for an amazing face cream try Yina- their cream and their serums moisturize like nothing else I’ve ever tried.

    1. Yay, Chrissie! Thank you so much for the intel on Quince. This is what I’ve been hearing via DM this morning, as well. Very intrigue to try. Thank you!

      And Yina – hadn’t heard of this brand! Looking into immediately…


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