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What You’re Shopping For: April 2022 Edition, Vol III.

By: Jen Shoop

Q: White dress for class of ’20 high school do-over ceremony outdoors in Newport, RI in June.

A: Congratulations! A few white dresses perfect for the occasion at all different prices —










P.S. Although you didn’t ask, I still find the Desiderata to be the most beautiful and sage words for a graduate. So, too, the words from many Magpies to their 20 year old selves.

Q: Chic work clothes for business casual — no jeans.

A: I love shirtdresses. You can dress down with leather sandals, espadrilles, or sneakers if the environment is more casual. I specifically love this navy style, this Mango with fun blouson sleeves, this versatile black from Brooks Brothers, this tiered Daphne Wilde, the fun patterned ones from Daydress, and anything by Evi Grintela for a splurge. I would pick a few solid colored ones and maybe one or two patterned ones. The solid ones you can really re-style a million ways — with fun scarves, statement headbands, bold jewelry, loud shoes, etc. Otherwise, look for pants that don’t feel uber corporate, like these linen trousers, this cropped pair in a fun peony pink, these stark white ones, or Spanx’s best-selling wide leg cropped pair. Any of these would look great with a cashmere tee or striped button down and statement flats.

Q: Straw/raffia medium/large crossbody for Europe trip. Zipper for security preferred.

A: Enjoy your trip! Splurge: Marni or Loewe. Mid-priced: Clare Vivier (I would swap in a webbed bag strap like this or this). Budget: this green H&M steal!

Q: Something (not a bag) to mark a personal and professional milestone. $400ish.

A: Big woman on campus sunglasses: Celine. You’ll wear them forever and they’ll make a white tee and jeans look like a LOOK. Another idea: I carry a slim designer card case with just my essentials (credit card, license, medical insurance card) about 90% of the time instead of my full wallet. Easier to transfer from bag to bag regardless of size, and easier to maneuver in general! I love this Gucci one. Last but not least: I wear my pearl earrings close to daily. Lovely gift to yourself!

Q: Postpartum clothes.

A: Loose-fitting, easy-to-wear, nursing-friendly dresses! I recommend nap dresses, button-front caftans like this Xirena, this Amazon, and this H&M, Dondolo’s smocked styles, and this floral “sleep dress.” Shirtdresses are also a great option if you want more structure — consider this Gap or this Daphne Wilde. If it’s chillier where you are, leggings and a long white button down layered over nursing tanks (and often beneath a duster) were my March uniform just after mini was born! For lounge at home, you might consider these fun printed “husband shirt dresses” from Julia Amory.

Frances Hart also has some gorgeous pieces that work while pregnant and after, and I shared even more dresses that make this transition to postpartum as well here.

Q: Dress for auction at child’s school.

A: This Caroline Constas, this Sister Jane, this Agua Bendita, this La Ligne (the cut is SO flattering – I own this), or this chic citron Damaris Bailey. From what I’ve heard from friends, these affairs tend to be just shy of black tie and the equivalent of fashion shows! Don’t be afraid to go bold! If things look to be more cocktail party than black tie, can’t stop thinking about this Ulla!

Q: Commemorative/heirloom first birthday presents for my sweet boy.

A: Happy birthday, baby boy! Ginori baby dish set, a Baghera ride-on car (bought this for my boy at a year! — these look SO adorable just as styling in a child’s room), a silver race car coin bank (also bought this for my boy!), a personalized ceramic cross for his room, or a DeBuci Baby bear with his name stitched on the side (they used to offer a personalization option — you might email to ask).

Q: High rise dark wash denim and shoes to wear with them.

A: Are we talking flares? Love a flare or full on bell bottom. I had a pair from Miss Sixty when I was 20 that I absolutely treasured (and destroyed the hem of thanks to countless wears). I like how these look with a pointed toe heel (J. Crew also makes a great pair) or heeled clog. If you’re talking straight-leg, Khaite is cornering the market on fashion-forward denim. You could wear those with virtually any shoe, but I’m partial to a ballet flat from Chanel or Margaux.

Q: Pants for summer.

A: I’m eyeing this linen pair from Casa Raki, or this look-for-less style from J. Crew. Cute with a tank or layered over a bathing suit. Also like this pair from Faherty. For something more tailored, love this scalloped-hem pair and this wide-leg pair, too! For beach: this Missoni-esque crochet pair, on sale for $30. Utility chic: Nili Lotan or Apiece Apart! And if you’re a bold lady, Alemais has some truly fabulous printed pairs.

Q: Black tie gown appropriate for a reader at a Catholic wedding in Charlotte in July.

A: I love this Reformation — linen so not as hot as it looks! — and this under-$100 Asos. I’m also drawn to this Black Halo but the narrow skirt could make navigating steps to the lectern hard? Ha! My mom would insist you wear a scarf/shawl (Alice Walk makes some lovely ones, too) over bare shoulders in the Church, though I think this a practice increasingly less observed.

Q: Coffee table books that are not primarily images (good e.g., Hill House Living, Clover Farm).

A: I have and love this one from Lee Radziwill — full of interesting anecdotes — and then we have SO many gorgeous cookbooks that make lovely coffee table stacks as well, especially the ones from Thomas Keller (Ad Hoc and French Laundry) and Ottolenghi.

P.S. More of our favorite coffee table books here!

Q: Women’s tennis-inspired looks.

A: I assume you mean pieces that have a preppy/country club vibe but aren’t actually athletic wear? A Lacoste polo dress, white linen shorts paired with a white tank, or this Kule sweatshirt layered over anything! If you’re talking tennis dresses that you wear for general athleisure purposes, people go crazy over Girlfriend Collective’s Paloma dress, which is sporty but not so sporty/tennis-court-specific that you will feel weird wearing it elsewhere. Same goes for this Tuckernuck and this Outdoor Voices.

P.S. Fitness finds here.

Q: Sun shirts for women that aren’t hideous or a rash guard.

A: Coolibar makes a simple tee (love the stripe option) that would be perfect! For more casual, this style in white especially looks like it could be a fitness top from Lululemon to throw on with leggings.

Q: Outfit inspo for NYC. Dinner at the Polo Bar one night and Cabaret with Countess Luann the second.

A: FUN. Anything goes in NYC, although I learned the hard way to avoid maxis (navigating the Subway or streets of Manhattan with fabric grazing the floor is…not great). I would wear a cocktail dress like this, this, this, this, or this for either night. My read would be more cocktail-chic than sundress-cool at both venues.

Q: Spring cocktail party dress (husband’s work event). Thanks!

A: Oo la la! I love…








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13 thoughts on “What You’re Shopping For: April 2022 Edition, Vol III.

  1. Not sure the best way to submit a question for the next round up but wanted to see if you had any suggestions for a punch bowl. We’re looking to purchase one for our wedding in June that we’ll use on the bar to serve one of our cocktails, and then plan to put it in our home after! Going for something that isn’t overly simplistic, but not too wildly ornate and stuffy either. Something that looks special and has modern sensibilities.

    1. Hi Sofia! Actually have a quick answer for you — we received this punch bowl / cake dome (2-in-1!) for our wedding and use it constantly. It’s brilliant because you can use it for, obviously, punch, but can also use it to store fruit on a kitchen counter, or of course invert the dome and use to cover cookies/treats. This clever contraption is literally ALWAYS on our countertop that reason and then can be used as a punch bowl whenever we need it for that purpose (which is maybe a few times a year?)

      It has a very modern sensibility which I think you’ll like.

      I will say, though, that we also inherited a gorgeous waterford crystal punch bowl that initially I thought might be too ornate but has since become one of my most treasured possessions. Scully and Scully has some gorgeous ones that aren’t too old-fashioned looking — love this one:

      They do cost a pretty penny though!


  2. what would you choose to wear to a Met Gala party and style according to the American Colonialism 1940/50’s theme this year?

    1. Ahh! You have totally stumped me on this. I do not have a clue! I was just reading up on the theme and still don’t quite follow. Let me think on this…

  3. I can vouch for Coolibar UPF 50 shirts! I have a few of the Morada style and the Heydey boatneck shirt style. They both feel like cotton, which was my preference since I didn’t want to be in athletic polyester style/activewear for everyday. My dermatologist highly recommended this brand after evaluating me for sun sensitivity and said I need “aggressive sun protection”. I also have their Vrae wrap which is silky soft, and that way I don’t have to give up my existing sundresses — I just wear the wrap over!

    1. Thank you so much for weighing in! Love that those shirts don’t look overtly “UPF SUN PROTECTION.” Just like a normal tee!

  4. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations…I’m looking for a mat that can be placed on our kitchen table for my children to do their writing and homework on? Kind of like a placemat or desk mat with anti-slip bottom and a hard, smooth top that is not fabric or silicone. Thank you!!

      1. Just a note to say I LOVE GATHRE. We still use their mats ALL the time in our house. We once used them for diaper changes and now they are great for laying out beneath craft work.


    1. Hi Danielle – I almost wonder if you’re looking for one of those self-healing craft mats?

      These ones don’t have anti-slip functionality but are cute and personalized and would prevent stray marker/ink from tabletop (plus can be wiped clean):

      I’ll keep searching. There must be an answer to this!


      1. PS – I should add that one of my girlfriends is obsessed with her craft mat (I actually think she uses the cricut brand), and uses it all the time for any activity/project.


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