Random Things I’m Loving This January.

By: Jen Shoop

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+Two fantastic mascaras I’ve been using the past few weeks: Tower28 and Westman Atelier. Both are on the fuller / inkier side of the spectrum and yield a great, jet-black, full lash line. (If you prefer something more natural, I would recommend Ilia.) Tower28 is a really good value — $20 but I think it “plays” amidst the prestige beauty caliber competitors.

+Hanni everything! Mama mia, I love these products. I’ve been using their shave pillow (would be excellent especially for travel or, in summer, when you just want to shave underarms without taking full shower because you’re headed to the pool), splash salve, and water balm religiously and I’m obsessed with the way it makes my skin feel — buttery/silky soft, but not waxy or oily. I think the splash salve is the star player. You could use just that and feel like a million bucks, but I like to layer on the water balm after, too. They recently sent me their just-launched-today weightless oil, which they apparently spent years researching/perfecting. It truly is weightless and absorbs almost instnatly. Unlike other body oils I’ve used, it leaves no greasy/oily residue — just a beautiful, hydrating layer of sheen. I noticed that the oil includes jojoba, which I’ve recently heard a lot of people chattering about on Reddit. (I went down a Reddit hole while thinking about packing cosmetics/skincare while traveling, and one Redditor said she only packs jojoba oil!). Little reminder that you can get 15% off your purchase at Hanni with code JEN15.

+Leset’s Margo tee. A girlfriend just texted me asking for a basic white t-shirt suggestion. I recommended both Uniqlo’s U-Neck ($15 and a fantastic quality — but heavier weight / thicker weight) and Leset’s Margo. The latter has a great opaque material, perfect mid-weight (thinner than Uniqlo, but not burnout/shapeless/drapey – still holds its structure), and ideal length for me. Slightly boxier.

+Geeky, but Mr. Magpie and I have been majorly into this Duel game. It requires a substantial investment of time to read and grasp the instructions and dynamics, but once you’ve made the commitment, it’s thoroughly engrossing. We love our games together (!). I find it the perfect way to unwind and also connect with my husband. Does anyone have any other great two-player games they love? We’re also longtime devotees of Azul, and we’ve enjoyed in the past Patchwork and Jaipur. My daughter (six years old) has been loving playing Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza! It’s a bit too advanced for my four-year-old son but we play a lot of it with my girl.

+This little waste basket in my son’s room is still sparking joy. Just fun to add more texture/pattern to a boy’s room. Such great patterns, and only $30. (More details I love from my son’s room here, and a little reminder that The Inside is offering us $50 off purchases of $199+ with code magpie50. We use their patterned arm chair in his room.)

+My last gel manicure absolutely destroyed my nails! I went to a technician I don’t normally see (usually am religious about going to two gals, but they were booked around the holidays!) and she must have used a different base coat, but I’ve had to give my nails a serious break by going bare and applying a nail protein for a few weeks. My trusted nail technician advised this product (below), applied every other day for two weeks.

+Back on this hyperfixation meal wagon. It is SO good. Maybe after all the sweets of the holidays I’m leaning into savory? I don’t know, but I can’t get enough. The Good Culture brand is THE BEST.

+Recently rediscovered my Toteme striped cardigan. I’m such a cardigan girl, and this one has a fun length and dramatic cuffs and a perfect mid-weight! So far as I can tell, these are sold out online but you can still score on eBay. The Real Real has a few of the turtleneck version of this sweater from Toteme (or you can buy brand new in select colors/sizes at Farfetch), and Gap has a fabulous look-for-less option (and Amazon has a few options for even less). If you’re also a cardi girl, a few other striped options in the vein of my Toteme you might consider:





Also, the tee I’m wearing below is Le Luxe brand, generously gifted — it’s a linen blend with more of a loose / burnout feel and look to it. It’s great for layering under bulkier things. You can get 15% off with code MAGPIE-15.

P.S. All my favorite January Amazon finds in one place here.

P.P.S. The feeling of falling in love and no one around you knowing it.

P.P.P.S. It’s just that…life is short.

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8 thoughts on “Random Things I’m Loving This January.

  1. Ooooh — THANK YOU for the Hanni code! Def going to look at their site tonight and make a purchase — my winter skin needs it and I am ramping up my self maintenance routine ahead of our wedding day (!)

    Also, just wanted to say how much I appreciate your linking items on The RealReal! It’s been one of my favorite sources for years and I love hunting for gems there. Happy to see influential women I follow promoting a circular approach to fashion!


    1. Oh good! I hope you love the Hanni products. They’ve been a gamechanger for me! And yes to TRR! One of my favorite middle of the night activities…hunting for gems!

  2. Highly recommend the following two player games: Lost Cities, Schottentotten, Arboretum, Orin’s Raves, and My Gold Mine (which my husband was only able to find on German Amazon, but so worth it). If you like Blokus or Codenames, they make a two player version of that!

  3. Does the splash salve make your shower slippery? I wanted to buy it for my MIL for Christmas but worried it would be a safety issue!

    1. Hi Molly! I have not had this issue at all. The material is sort of like…putty but less sticky? It almost has a crumbly texture? I’m trying to think of a comparison but falling short. Anyhow, I do not find it makes my shower slick at all. I blend it right into my skin and rinse off and I’ve never noticed any residue on the shower floor.


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