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By: Jen Shoop

The Chanel ballet flat is an “always” purchase — you can wear them just as easily in your teens as you can in your eighties.  I was reminded me of this as I style-stalked Alexa Chung yesterday.  I mean, just look at how versatile:

The Fashion Magpie Chanel Flats Street Style 1

The Fashion Magpie Chanel Flats Street Style 2

The Fashion Magpie Chanel Flats Street Style 3

The Fashion Magpie Chanel Flats Street Style 4

I’d love a pair of these tweed-y beauties ($750).  But, if those are out of reach budget-wise, J. Crew has a very suitable substitute in the form of these woven stunners ($168).

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Ballet Flat

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Ballet Flat

I like these flats paired with pretty much anything — as evidenced by the street style snaps above — but especially with stripes like these or a sweet dress like this ($138).

P.S. — For the minis in your life, check out Janie + Jack’s “Black and White Belle Collection.”  Lots of adorable mini-Chanel-esque pieces.  Although I’ve got my eye on this precious embroidered rose set ($49), which I think I could stretch into fall by layering over her baby tights.  That bow in the back!!!

P.P.S.  — This black-and-white polka dot dress also strikes me as very Chanel-esque, especially paired with the flats above!…but only $128!


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2 thoughts on “Chanel-esque.

  1. So it’s possible everyone else in the world knows this and I’m way out of the loop, but I just found out that Karl Lagerfeld has a diffusion line that is extremely affordable and also seriously cute. I just placed an order for this jacket:

    and also a chic lace jacket and a few other pieces because I suddenly have to upgrade my work-from-home wardrobe of leggings and striped tees to business not-too-casual and I live in Florida where the feels-like temp is 102 today.

    Anyway, I can’t speak to the quality because I haven’t received the order yet but I found no less than 20-30 AMAZING pieces that I wanted from my potential new favorite line. I am excited because there are plenty of Chanel knockoffs out there, but this is Karl’s line…so he’s not knocking himself off, but instead drawing from the same inspiration but executing in slightly different ways. Sometimes nothing but the real thing will do, but until my salary catches up with tastes, I’m extremely excited about this sneaky way to scratch that Chanel itch.

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